PitchPoint One-stop Compliance and Validation Services

PitchPoint's Partners can quickly enhance their existing services to meet the rapid demand for fraud prevention services. PitchPoint One-stop offers a comprehensive set of services to quickly and easily integrate and launch with your partners and customers. Services include:

  • Comprehensive Suite of Certified Reports
  • Private Label for Partner Branding
  • Reliable, Secure SaaS Service Delivery Platform
  • Partner Support - Sales, Marketing & Integration

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Comprehensive Suite

Our partner program gives you instant access to dozens of verification reports for your clients:

  • Borrower fraud risk
  • Collateral fraud risk
  • Service provider fraud risk
  • Wire transfer fraud risk
  • Income & Employment fraud risk

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Industry News

  • BLJ Report:
    Credit bureaus announce, effective July 1, 2017, they will no longer include judgments and most liens in the consumer credit report. Analysts have estimated this can improve credit scores and increase the risks to lenders.
    With more than $6 trillion in home equity appreciation in recent years, lenders are ramping up their stand-alone seconds and lines of credit.